Evidence Based Programs deliver a specific intervention that has been show by science to have positive effects through rigorous evaluation

Early childhood investment leads to INCREASED:

  • High school graduation
  • College matriculation
  • Economic Self-Sufficiency

Early childhood investment leads to DECREASED:

  • Special Education/Remediation
  • Dependence on social welfare
  • Crime-related costs and incarceration

At a time when record numbers of Colorado children are living in poverty, our proven programs give children from low-income families a fighting chance to be a contributing member of society.

Invest in Kid’s programs ensure that over 10,000 Colorado families annually have access to critical supports. We ensure long-term impacts by offering support and guidance to partners, educating the community about the importance of our programs, and advocating for the health and education professionals who are at the forefront of delivery throughout Colorado. 

Nurse-Family Partnership Impact on Colorado Families:
Over 26,000 first-time, low-income mothers have enrolled in Colorado’s Nurse-Family Partnership since 2000.  

Outcomes for mothers and children in Nurse-Family Partnership


reduction in smoking during pregnancy 


of babies were born full term; 91% of babies born at a healthy weight


of children were fully immunized at age two 


of mothers initiated breastfeeding 


of children had developmental screenings at 10 months of age 


of clients were in the workforce at program completion


of clients without a high school diploma/GED at enrollment earned a diploma/GED by program completion


For every $1 invested in Nurse-Family Partnership, a projected $7.90 can be saved in future costs for the highest-risk families


The Incredible Years Impact on Colorado Families:
Over 10,000 Colorado families annually enroll in The Incredible Years program.

Impacts on parents, teachers and children in the program:


of parents said that The Incredible Years achieved their goals for their child and family

Significant gains were seen in children’s social competence including prosocial/communication skills, emotion regulation skills and academic skills

Increased confidence in managing students’ current and future behavior problems, and promoting students’ social-emotional skills

Increased use of positive parenting strategies


For every $1 invested in The Incredible Years, a projected $4.13 can be avoided in future costs.