Our Vision

To ensure that every Colorado child has a strong start in life.

Our Mission

Invest in Kids partners with local communities to ensure the success of evidence-based programs that improve the health and well-being of Colorado's youngest children and their families.

Our Values

Relationships: We believe that people thrive when they feel valued, and actively work to build strong connections with our colleagues, communities, and supporters.

Equity: We recognize the toxic impact of oppressive forces like racism and poverty on Colorado's children and families. We are committed to building systems that eliminate health, mental health, and educational disparities and ensure that every child and family can thrive.

Fidelity: We work with community partners to make sure that our evidence-based programs are delivered with high quality and lead to positive outcomes for children and families.

Accountability: We are true to our word and prioritize children and families in all we do. We are committed to equitable evaluation and use both quantitative measures and the lived experiences of our participants to continuously assess and improve our program implementation.

Innovation: As an intermediary, bridging the gap between research and practice, we value the experiences of our communities and adapt our support in response to identified opportunities and needs.

Stewardship: We invest in kids by responsibly utilizing the public and private funds entrusted to us to create more equitable outcomes for children and families. Colorado's children and families deserve the very best.