Nurse-Family Partnership®️ (NFP) partners highly trained registered nurses with first-time pregnant people, caregivers' and their babies. The program begins in pregnancy and through a relationship-based program empowers people to transform their lives and create better futures for themselves and their babies.


More than four decades of research has consistently proven that NFP succeeds at meeting its goals, providing improved pregnancy outcomes, promotion of child health and development, and the encouragement of economic self-sufficiency for families.

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1,000 low-income families enrolled in NFP in Colorado prevents*:

*Life Status and Financial Outcomes of Nurse-Family Partnership in Colorado. Ted R Miller, PhD, developed this fact sheet and the cost model underpinning it. This calculator was funded in part by NIDA grant 1-R01 DA021624.

45 preterm births

253 child maltreatment incidents

303 violent crimes by youth

3 infant deaths

Program Approach

Registered nurses visit moms and babies in their homes for over two years, starting in pregnancy. The program is uniquely effective due to the following characteristics:

  • Voluntary enrollment of first-time, low-income mothers (an optimal time to promote positive behaviors).
  • Long-term program duration (over 2 years).
  • Delivery by highly-trained, registered nurses who deliver skilled consultation and mentoring.
  • Nurses develop close, trusting relationships with the mother and her child.
  • Strengths-based: an emphasis on client’s unique strengths and development of a positive vision and plan for their lives and the lives of their children.

Invest in Kids' Role

Invest in Kids is responsible for the program’s ongoing growth and development, acting as advocate for funding and expansion, and consultant for continuing education and collaboration with program nurses.

Community Planning

Ensures that all local communities who have or plan to have Nurse-Family Partnership have the knowledge, skills, and support needed to sustain the program and build strong nursing teams.


Ensures that all nurse-home visitors and their supervisors are prepared and supported in delivering Nurse-Family Partnership to diverse communities and families.


Helps Nurse-Family Partnership local teams interpret client data for quality improvement.


Protects state funding for Nurse-Family Partnership® through education and advocacy.


Annual Report

To view a copy of the 2021-2022 NFP Colorado Report, click HERE.


Pregnancy Outcomes


of clients were screened for depression during pregnancy


of babies born full-term


of babies were born at a healthy weight

Child and Health Development


of clients initiated breastfeeding


of children had a developmental screening at 10 months of age


of children were fully immunized at age two

Economic Self-Sufficiency


of clients did not have a subsequent pregnancy at 18 months postpartum


of clients 18 years old at intake were working at program completion


of clients without a high school diploma/GED at enrollment earned a diploma/GED at program completion