Invest in Kids partners with Colorado communities to ensure all children and families have the support and knowledge to provide the best future for their children. Decades of research shows that children who are born to a healthy mother and nurturing family, as well as those who have access to tools that support in their emotional and physical growth, have the greatest potential to be school-ready and become thriving adults. 

We only invest in the programs that are the most rigorously tested and proven to have a sustained impact on families, and we conduct ongoing evaluations and scientific analyses of our program delivery to ensure children and families are receiving the most effective services possible. We actively engage with community partners who are implementing our programs, as well as educate state leaders about the importance of this work to ensure that our investments in Colorado families sustain long-term.

We identify, introduce, implement and ensure the success of research-based, proven programs to ensure all families in Colorado have the opportunities, environment and support needed to succeed.

Identify programs with proven track records or methodologies for success:

  • Meet with local leaders throughout the state to ascertain service needs
  • Focus on programs predominantly serving low-income children (ages 0-8) and their families
  • Identify programs that have been rigorously researched, demonstrate cost savings, and have a well-defined model for replication

Introduce these programs to communities to see how they can have the greatest impact:

  • Engage diverse stakeholders
  • Build (or work with existing) coalitions for support and oversight

Implement programs through partners, in collaboration with community leaders and other key constituents:

  • Secure funding at the local, state and federal levels through public and private sources
  • Provide training, technical assistance and ongoing professional development

Ensure each program’s ongoing success through strict adherence to guidelines, and measurement of results.