Thought Leaders in Community Health Nursing: IIK Educates Legislators

Nurse-Family Partnership Consultant, Allison Mosqueda, recently had the opportunity to speak to legislators from all over the nation about the importance of Nurse-Family Partnership’s community health nursing program and home visitation for first-time moms. Allison presented to a group of legislators who focus on Maternal & Child Health related issues. She relayed her own experience as a nurse home visitor, telling the story of a Colorado mom who was greatly impacted by the program.

Legislators who attended the conference at the National Conference of State Legislatures also listened to Allison reflect on the significant influence that a registered nurse, like her, has on the future life and development of mother and child. Legislators heard about the unique skills, knowledge, and expertise a nurse brings to make a measurable difference for a family. Allison’s story helped the legislators understand how social determinants of health can impact families, and the ways in which a nurse understand and serve as interventions in these areas. The life trajectory of a first-time mother and her child can change forever, through Nurse-Family Partnership.

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Key Goals of the Nurse-Family Partnership Community Health Nursing Program

1. Improve Pregnancy Outcomes
2. Improve Child Health and Development
3. Improve Economic Self-Sufficiency of the Family