Naomi: “A brighter future begins with me and my beautiful family”

Naomi graduated from the Nurse-Family Partnership® in September 2019. She is a stay-at-home mom of two young girls and married to her husband, Fernando. Fernando is from a part of Indonesia called West Papua, but he came to the US as part of a missionary program, and now holds his green card.

Naomi had a rough start in life. Growing up, her family didn’t have a lot of money. They lived in a tent in a horse field, until they were able to upgrade to a home. Her dad left when she was only three years old and her stepdad was abusive.

Naomi says: “As I became an adult I struggled with relationships because I saw how much pain my mother went through with hers. I was so grateful when I found Fernando, but I still had a lot of fear when we found out I was pregnant. Since my mom was a single mother for most of my life, I had never witnessed what a fully functioning family looked like. I didn’t know how to hold together a relationship while working together as good parents.

Then, the Nurse-Family Partnership came into the picture and changed our lives completely. Being able to rely on my nurse during those scary months of pregnancy and early parenting made my time as a new mom so much more peaceful and enjoyable. I was able to learn confidence in my abilities as a mother and as a wife. My nurse helped me through a period of depression and also encouraged me to dream bigger. When our second baby came right after our first, I started to worry that the only thing I was good for was being a mom. My nurse helped me realize that being a mom was a powerful thing and that my life didn’t have to change just because my daughters’ lives began.

Before having children, I used to write children’s plays for a Christian Summer camp and I used to do a lot of painting and art. With her help, I developed the courage to contact the camp I used to work for, and for two years now I have been writing plays again. It makes me feel free and empowered to know that I still have value beyond housework and changing diapers. I also have begun painting again and hope to be selling some artwork soon.”

Today, Naomi continues to support the Nurse-Family Partnership program from home as a Parent Ambassador. She says: “Being an ambassador has helped me feel more empowered and more in control of my future and the kind of mother I want to be. I hope to use my newfound courage and influence to help other mothers, so we can raise a generation of much-needed change in our world today. A brighter future begins with me and my beautiful family.”

We feel so proud of Naomi and everything she has accomplished for herself, her family, and her dedication to other parents enrolled in the program. Do you want to help empower first-time moms like Naomi? Make a donation to the Nurse-Family Partnership program today!