Donor Spotlight: Paul R & WL Miller

My first memory of Paul R. and WL Miller is from when I was nine years old and had joined my dad on a work trip to the annual conference of the International Association of Milk Control Agencies. All I knew then was that people in the business of milk came together, and that the lobby of the hotel was filled with every ice cream imaginable. What a treat for me! What I also remember was how much fun I had with the Millers, and how warm and generous they were to me. I loved being around them as a kid, and looked up to them growing up.

Supporting Invest in Kids
It has been a joy to stay in touch with Paul R. and WL through the years. Paul and WL have been married 45 years, have four children between them, and have lived in the same home for all of that time. Just last week I visited them in their Franktown home, nearly 40 years after our first trip together, to talk about their commitment to Invest in Kids. I found their same warmth and generosity on this trip as I did all those years ago.

Since being introduced to the work of Invest in Kids, these two have been tremendous supporters. Every one of the last 15 years, Invest in Kids has been able to depend on the Millers for their steadfast dedication and financial support. Their commitment to the organization aligns with one of their core values- wanting to invest in people to help them be their best selves. When we met, they reminded me of the need to keep educating people about the value of Invest in Kids – “not enough people know about the important work you are doing.” They are proud to invest in something that they know works – given the evidence and level of accountability with Invest in Kids’ programs, they are certain that their dollars are making a difference. As they shared, “We are proud to keep giving.”

A Brief Family History
The Miller family has been delivering milk to Colorado families for over 100 years. Miller’s Sanitary Dairy was founded in 1910 by Paul Silas Miller, located on the west side of the Platte River near Evans Avenue. Everyday he milked the cows, bottled the milk and made deliveries to his customers. In 1965, The Miller family purchased Royal Crest Diary, which had been founded in 1927. The family has maintained the same commitment to high quality dairy products that existed 100 years ago. And while home delivery of milk has largely disappeared across the country, Royal Crest has prospered and grown to be the largest milk home delivery company in the country.

Invest in Kids hopes to reach every young child and family in need throughout Colorado over the next 100 years, ensuring our high-quality programs continue to change life-trajectories. Our product is an early investment in a child and family’s future, but like the Millers, we know that quality is the most important ingredient to lasting success.

We are grateful to Paul R. and WL for their friendship and generous support of Invest in Kids.

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