Celebrating the Nurses who Change Lives

Next week, we’ll celebrate 20 years of NFP’s impact on Colorado families so we are taking some time to share some of the incredible stories of the nurses who are changing the lives of families like this one…

People with developmental delays often face enormous challenges in our society. Add poverty and a pregnancy into the mix and life can become overwhelming.  

Recognizing the challenges facing one vulnerable young couple with developmental delays (who were unable to pay their rent when the woman stopped working near the end of the pregnancy), an NFP nurse rounded up the resources needed to support them. She helped them apply for the supplemental income to which their disabilities entitled them, successfully appealed a denial for services from a local agency for disabled persons, helped them obtain better housing and linked them with an understanding physician. The nurse also promoted the couple’s own self-efficacy by helping them learn how to make phone calls to supporting agencies and to create a budget for making their limited income stretch to include a baby. 

Today, the family is successfully taking on to their new roles as parents and report a big decrease in stress thanks to the help they received from their nurse!

Our greatest achievement is the measurable impact our programs have on the lives of Coloradans and we are excited to celebrate 20 years of NFP next week!