A Baby Oasis at the Montezuma County Fair

Our team of NFP nurses in the Southwest corner of Colorado partnered with WIC and the Four Corners Breastfeeding Network to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week! Together, they provided a Baby Oasis at the Montezuma County Fair!

What do you find at a Baby Oasis, you ask?
Well, as you know to give baby a refreshing spot we need to make sure mamas are well taken care of too. Nurses provided a quiet discrete space for babies to be fed and changed. There were snacks and water for mamas, as well as diapers and wipes for babies (all provided by Heart to Heart the local Crisis Pregnancy Center in Montezuma). The response to the oasis was very positive and the space was well utilized! Families also got to see the WIC van and learn about WIC benefits. 

There was an activity for everyone. Older children at the oasis spent time playing the healthy meal game (provided by WIC) where they built a healthy meal with models of various fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. Some children enjoyed the game so much they visited many times.

We are so proud of our team of nurses in the Southwest corner and inspired by the generosity of their community!  Because of them, the baby oasis interacted with over 200 children and supported over 25 moms who needed to feed, change, or simply take a break. NFP moms visited the oasis, but nurses also served many woman of the community too where they were able to share information about the NFP program. Through the collaboration of WIC, the Breastfeeding Network and Heart to Heart, visitors had so much fun and were offered various prizes, including Cortez Farmer’s Market Bucks and NFP tote bags!

What a wonderful way to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week!