Below are some examples of how we are embracing and developing our role as allies in this work:

We established a staff Equity Team (including a Board of Directors liaison) devoted to building greater understanding of and engagement with issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion. This committee guided the completion of an equity-focused policy and practice audit. The intended outcome is to evaluate, improve and in some cases, create new practices and policies that are better-aligned with our values. 

The Nurse Consultant for the Nurse-Family Partnership® (NFP) runs a Community of Practice for Nurse Home Visitors; this group is currently focused on promoting mental health education for refugee and immigrant families. The intended outcome is to offer ongoing professional development to our Nurse Home Visitors that allows them to provide culturally responsive care. Learn more about NFP and who we serve.

We hired a bilingual, bi-cultural consultant for The Incredible Years® (IY) to improve communication and engagement with a growing number of Spanish-speaking teachers, Parent Program facilitators, students, and parents. The intended outcome is to expand the IY team's capacity to provide meaningful program materials and experiences that meet the needs of diverse IY participants and implementers. Learn more about IY and who we serve.

We understand that engaging in this work is a long-term, continuous process, and will never be completely finished. We also recognize that we cannot do this work alone; we seek to engage with and learn from both existing and new partner organizations as well as the many families and communities that are central to our work.