Nurse-Family Partnership


Nurse-Family Partnership is a relationship-based program that partners highly-trained professional nurses with vulnerable first-time mothers and their babies. The program transforms lives through improved pregnancy outcomes, promotion of child health and development, and the encouragement of economic self-sufficiency for families. Invest in Kids selected Nurse-Family Partnership as our first program because of its life-changing impact for mothers and babies, demonstrated through long-term, rigorous scientific research.

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In this program, nurses visit mothers and babies in their homes for over two years. The program is uniquely effective due to the following characteristics:

  • Voluntary enrollment of first-time, low-income mothers: optimal time to promote positive behaviors
  • Long-term program duration
  • Delivered by highly-trained, registered nurses: who deliver skilled consultation and mentoring
  • Relationship-based: nurses develop close, trusting relationships with the mother and her child
  • Strengths-based: an emphasis on client’s unique strengths and development of a positive vision and plan for their lives and the lives of their children.


Invest in Kids is responsible for the program’s ongoing growth and development, acting as advocate for funding and expansion, and consultant for continuing education and collaboration with program nurses.

  • Community planning: ensures that all local communities who have or plan to have Nurse-Family Partnership have the knowledge, skills, and support needed to sustain the program and build strong nursing teams
  • Training: ensures that all nurse-home visitors and their supervisors are prepared and supported in delivering Nurse-Family Partnership to diverse communities and families
  • Data: helps Nurse-Family Partnership local teams interpret client data for quality improvement
  • Advocacy: protects state funding for Nurse-Family Partnership through education and advocacy


Nurse-Family Partnership is one of the few programs in the country with over 30 years of clinical trials. These trials prove that Nurse-Family Partnership produces long term changes in clients’ lives. In Colorado, recent cumulative data shows:

  • More than 24,900 families served in Colorado since 1999
  • 21% reduction in smoking and 28% reduction in alcohol use during pregnancy
  • 92% of moms initiated breast feeding
  • 92% child immunization rate at 24 months