The Q2 winner of the Nurse-Family Partnership DAISY Award has been chosen! Join Invest in Kids in congratulating Makena Slater of Tri-County Health Department NFP!

DAISY winner - makena (2)

Read Makena’s nomination below!

It is with pleasure that I nominate Makena for the Daisy Award.

Makena has been a NHV for a little over 3 years, 2 of which have been at TCHD.  She consistently demonstrates a high level of compassionate, quality care with every  client she serves; delivering that within the context of nursing excellence. This year has afforded many opportunities for Makena to shine in regards to her nursing care of complex  families.  One family stands out for me as an exemplar of her professionalism,  leadership and compassionate, quality , client centered care.  Makena enrolled a young developmentally delayed couple after the birth of their baby. The infant was soon diagnosed with some significant neurological challenges which necessitated a significant amount of coordination of care between multiple community partners serving this family.  In addition to the  complex health and psychosocial needs of the family, there was an additional layer of  environmental challenges in the home; not severe enough to involve CPS but a situation that with out intervention could have required their involvement. Makena quickly gained rapport with the couple and was able to assess the complexity of the situation. She worked diligently to understand the family’ s strengths and limitations and engaged other key community partners such as the pediatrician, early intervention team and Safe-Care to round out the complement of services that this family needed. Makena consistently listened to the family, heard what they needed and always worked with the family’s goals and hearts desire in the forefront of her planning WITH the family. She spent countless hours advocating for the family’s needs and helping other providers understand  how best to work with  them; striving for a strength based, coordinated and seamless plan of care for the baby and family.  She maintained a high degree of professionalism and partnership with all involved even though it was challenging at times to work with others who had a different philosophy and approach to working with this family.  In addition to her strong collaboration  with other providers she demonstrated her ability to meet the family where they were at and present information and teaching in a manner that respected the family’s unique learning styles. Despite the fact that this family’s needs required a lot of her time, she continued to deliver exceptional care to all of her other clients, as demonstrated by her consistency in maintaining a fully active caseload of 25+ clients each month […]. In addition to the great work with her clients she also  demonstrated an additional level of nursing leadership for the team, serving as a formal mentor for 2 new nurses in the last year.  This spring she also attained her status as a Certified Lactation Counselor and is exploring ways to utilize these new skillsets not only with her clients but also organizationally. Thank you for your consideration of this very deserving nurse, that I have the privilege of working with each and every day!


The first winner of the Nurse-Family Partnership DAISY Award has been chosen!  Join Invest in Kids in congratulating Theresa Godinez of St. Anthony Hospital/Centura Health NFP!

DAISY winner - terry

Read Terry’s nomination:

It with great pleasure that we recognize the extraordinary work of Terry Godinez. She truly epitomizes Nursing Excellence within the NFP model. She has worked for NFP since 2005 and is a foundation for our site in both longevity and dedication. As she approaches retirement age she is working harder than ever. She exemplifies relationship based care and as a result her love to meet with her. She consistently completes 50 or more visits per month and seldom loses clients to attrition.

Our team has come to depend on her leadership in the area of serving Spanish-speaking clients. For over a year, she has lead a bi-monthly meeting for nurses delivering NFP content in Spanish. Both native Spanish speakers and those nurses learning Spanish are benefiting from her expertise. She radiates a commitment and passion for serving those clients. In fact, we have had to stop asking her to call Spanish speaking referrals to assess their interest in enrolling because she could not bear to place them on a wait list if they expressed interest–even when her caseload sits at 30 active clients.

She has also provided strong leadership as members of our team sort through the grief of personal and professional loss. She brings to our team a background in hospice care which has given her a rich appreciation of caring across the lifespan and a special understanding of integrating loss and grief. She readily shares this expertise with grace and compassion and sensitivity.

We have come to depend on Terry’s ability to forge and maintain relationships with key community partners. Most notably, she maintains outreach to Clinica Campesina with bi-monthly visits to their Centering Pregnancy group. Clinica is one of our most enduring referral sources and a vital partner on our Community Advisory Board. No one has invested more in nurturing the relationship between Nurse-Family Partnership and Clinica then she has. In addition, she manages our Bright by Three partnership and fosters communication with a local charity that donates baby supplies for us to share with our clients.

In addition, Terry has hosted countless guests on home visits–ever ready to share the good work of NFP with residents, interns, lawmakers, and other community stakeholders. With a keen sensitivity to protecting her hard won relationships with clients, she expertly integrates the big picture program needs into her practice. There are no ETO reports to quantify her impact on the community’s understanding of Nurse-Family Partnership, but if there were I suspect we would find she has gone far above and beyond expectations for a Nurse Home Visitor.

Terry is fully committed to fidelity to the NFP model. As new innovations have rolled out she is among the first to get them fully integrated into her practice. I challenge anyone to find a missing data form in one of her charts for which she doesn’t have an darn good explanation. She is supremely organized in her workflow with systems in place to be certain that all of her clients receive NFP with fidelity to the model. If she or her supervisor misses a scheduled Reflective Supervision she actively works to reschedule. And no one takes quarterly retreat planning more seriously. Month after month, Terry consistently stands out in terms of client retention, graduation rates, and completed visits.

What is most endearing about Terry is the fact that her leadership, professionalism and high-quality care come from a place of such authentic love for Nurse-Family Partnership and the guiding principles on which the program is based. She is humble and sincere in her work year after year, month after month, day after day. When asked about retirement she simply replies, “What else would I do?”